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♡ There's nothing like Aus-tra-li-AAA!! ♡ (part 2)

Sunday 11th March - Sunday 25th March 2012

rain 29 °C

Hervey Bay/ Fraser Island
Sunday 11th March- Wednesday 14th March 2012
Back to the coast and so the sunshine was back! Hervey Bay isn't the nicest, but I thought I should check it out!
Checked into my hostel 'Next' once I arrived and was told that the briefing meeting for Fraser Island was 6pm, we met the whole group (25 of us) and two of them I had shared a room with in Byron! (Andy and Alex- posh boys who went to Oxford!)
We were split into three groups, I was in Group C with Ali, Jon, Charlotte, Mikael, Ben, Canada (another Jon) and Clemence... we were told that we needed to be ready to leave at 7am, so after we went to the supermarket to buy what we thought would be enough food for three days (it wasn't), we watched Man on Fire together and then packed our backpack and went to bed!
Some of the boys in my room had different ideas, and one crazy American, Jack, once spilling his rum'n'coke on the floor, decided it could not be wasted and scraped it back into the glass with his credit card (along with all the floor filth) and drunk it!! YUCK!
Needless to say the 6am wake up wasn't fun, but the peanut butter and jam toasted sandwiches for breakfast were a taste sensation!!


We loaded up our 4x4s (ours we later named Sweet 'Caroline' for group C) , had a safety briefing, and hit the road... the weather was OK, a bit overcast but mainly sunny!
Big group photo on the boat over to the island and then when we arrived Kirk, our guide, took us on a quick walk around the central camp and talked A LOT about trees... not that anyone was that interested! We then drove along the beach highway to a fresh water lake that sat at the base of a HUGE sand dune... the view was pretty awesome and we ran down the sand dune and into the water with BIG catfish swimming around our feet!
I got to drive the 4x4 back to camp, along the beach and then through the inland which is VERY bumpy! but super fun! and showed off my superior parking skills once we arrived! impressed! :-P x
Our tents were already set up and we were STARVING so we threw our bags inside and hopped straight on to the BBQs to cook up some meat and crack open the goon! Canada did an amazing job on the grill, and we feasted on chicken burgers and hot dogs! MMM!
The boys played another 'skulling' game called flip cup, but I decided to socialize with the rest of the group and joined in with Fuck the Dealer with group B!
MANY cups of goon later and Jon was sick all over me in our tent... pretty grim to wake up to at 6am! The smell was bad enough, but luckily there were showers and by the time I went back he had cleaned it up and was apologizing every two mins! haha... luckily once clean I saw the funny side! We made some toast on the bbq like cave men and Charlotte and I made sandwiches for the boys, then we set off for day two!

The first lake we went to was an acidic lake that had formed because the decaying forest matter had made a watertight basin which collected rain water... the water was bright orange, like lucozade and you couldn't see much below your waist, but Andy, Tom, Liz and I were brave and swam all the way over to the other side, perfecting my Northern accent "Oh No!" and being careful to avoid water snakes!!
We then dried off and drove to the Indian Head cliff top where the views were amazing! before heading to the Champagne Pools... unfortunately the tide was out so we didnt get the full effect of the bubbly sea water, but I did find (and steal) some nice shells, which I then left with my drug mule, Andy, who still has them, so I may never see them again! Boo Hoo! x
After the Champagne Pools, we went to Eli Creek, but it was WAY to cold to get wet by then, so I just waded down it with my poncho on!
As the sun was setting we went to see the ruins of an old ship that was washed up on the beach before heading back to camp...
Tonight Charlotte and I cooked spaghetti bolognaise for Group C, but (as men HAVE to help) it wasn't the greatest success, and a Dingo nearly stole half of it!! oops!
Back on the red goon and a new drinking game of 'Timmy Timmy', and a fun time around the camp fire... a great last night in Fraser!

Our last morning was spent cleaning and hunting for missing knives! Luckily we were let off as we managed to find 3 extra cups and two extra spoons! The drive was long and we were SOOO tired so I slept most of the way to central station, where we went on a bush walk following the creek, and only 7 out of 25 of us managed to go the right way!! We saw some pretty scary looking spider webs, two snakes and some bright blue mushrooms and then had to wait 40 mins whilst Kirk retrieved the rest of our group!
The silver lining was that I got to drive the next leg of the journey to Lake Mackenzie, and Kirk told the group I was a 'Very Good Driver'!!! (^_^) x
As we were late and had to make our boat back to the mainland we only had a short time at the lake, but it was BEAUTIFUL, with crystal clear water and really fine white sand! LOVELY! x

Once we were back in Hervey Bay, Kirk took us to see some wild kangaroos... these ones were the bigger red ones and they were SOO cool, we got close enough for photos and then they all got up and hopped off into the bushes! (Check out the MASSIVE balls that the male has btw)
Then this farmer guy came over and harassed us so we had to leave! Boo! Took Caroline for an inspection and luckily we hadn't damaged her so didn't have to pay anything! PHEW!
We walked down to the marina together to get on the boat, and were picked up by Jimmy, a VERY attractive (but equally arrogant) crew member! The boat had a nice big lounge area below deck and comfy rooms (Becci and I shared), plus a large open area on the deck which was sheltered by tarpaulin, so we were kept relatively dry!
After a safety briefing we were introduced to all the crew: Dave- another gorgeous one! Tony- an amazing cook! Ben: slightly desperate dive master who tried it on with EVERYONE! and Brayden- a Jimmy-look-alike with a very cute smile! (^_^) x

We were then left to mingle and get to know each other, before a dinner of grilled fish and mash potato, team games and goon!
We got ourselves into teams and the first game had up passing oranges from under our chins to between another persons legs and vice versa along a line... then we paired up boy/girl and I had to blow up a rubber glove through a tube between Charlie's legs while he held the back of my head... I would have won had Charlie not told me that I had won, causing me to stop and let the air out!! Still though, even starting again I came third! NOT BAD!
The next game had a couple, Tyler licking Vegemite out of Claire's belly button! MINGING! But they won so we got more points!
Then there was a game where you had to be the first couple to get into a sex position that the crew called out the fastest! and then a nasty spanking game where several of the boys had VERY bruised bums from being whacked with a flipper!
All in all, my team came third! x
The night continued with more drinking games, including a round of Fuck the Dealer, a whole carton of goon and LOTS of photos! x

We were woken up at 6:30am!! on both days in order to 'get the most out of our day', which was pretty horrible, especially with a goon hang over! BUT we were given peanut butter and jam to make my new food obsession... peanut butter and jam toasties!! NOM NOM! x
Our first stop was WhiteHaven Beach, which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in Australia, that has 98% pure white sand and crystal clear water, but it didn't look so great in the rain! Still, we splashed around, saw some sting rays and rubbed the sand on our teeth as directed, all the while in VERY attractive 'stinger suits' which are thin wet suits that protect you from jellyfish stings! :-S
After a brief walk back through the bush, we were taken in speed boats to an amazing snorkel area on the fringes of the Great Barrier Reef... I had a little mask trouble, but powered through and saw some beautiful coral and tropical fish! Was pretty magical to be snorkeling as the rain fell on the sea as well, it made a tinkling sound on the water and looked like twinkling glitter from under the surface!
Dave thought it was funny to throw fish food into the sea right next to me as well which meant literally hundreds of fish came swarming around me and nipping at my face!! Scariest thing ever! Funny the first time, but not so much the fourth!!! Grr!
After snorkeling we had some sandwiches for lunch and played around on the boats diving board/slides/jacuzzi before showering off the salt water and getting ready for 'The Big Night' that evening!
This time the games were individual, with the winner being crowned 'King/Queen of the Clipper'... The crew brought out a big bin of funny clothes that STANK and clearly hadn't ever been washed so we all had to dress up... I managed to fight and barter my way to a full Santa outfit but when the games started, the first question was to go to the Port side of the boat, which I KNEW was left, but everyone else went right... when I stayed on the left side Jimmy grabbed me and dragged me away to the right side, and as he is 6ft 2 and built like a rugby player I couldn't get away from him which meant I was out!! Now we all know that I DO NOT like to lose and I was SOOOOO pissed off that I was 'out' unfairly! This meant that I couldn't even play the rest of the games, which made the evening a bit boring for a while because I had to just wait for more people to be out until I could do anything else!! ANYWAYS! in the end I had a great night with everyone once the games were over! Even more photos as well! x
The weather continued to be AWFUL, absolutely pouring with rain non-stop which caused massive flooding in Queensland and meant that all the Greyhound buses north and south were cancelled... so we were stranded in Airlie Beach until the weather improved!
Luckily we were all in the same position and so we just hung out together and had another night drinking at Becci's hostel playing drinking games with Nicko, Charlie, Kat and some new room mates- Gem and Matt! Had a traumatic goon experience though, which lead to a new piece of traveling advise and a 'Note to Self'... DO NOT buy rose goon. Ever.
Also for my 'Last Supper' with Becci, we went out for Mexican and they put cheese and salad on top of my chilli... A-MAY-ZING!! Mum had been told! :-S x

After a pretty major melt down, I decided the only thing to do was fly over to Cairns, and luckily there were flights available from Hamilton Island, so I FINALLY made it to a very sunny 35 degree Cairns on Friday 23rd March! (only 4 days late!) but as the weather was so lovely I was in good spirits and spent the day sunbathing by the lagoon, before meeting my American room mates from Gilligan's for a few drinks in the evening... not too many though as I had my fingers and toes firmly crossed that the weather on 24th would be lovely so I could do my SKY DIVE!!! (^_^) xx
It was the cherry on top of a roller coaster trip that was AUSTRALIA!!! XX

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Hi Skye, loved reading your latest blog, brought back so many memories for me! Looks like you've had an amazing time and have met some really great people. I can't wait to see your sky dive dvd!how awesome hun, so proud of you for doing it! Also what gorgeous pictures you have too, keep them coming please! Shame about the flooding causing a few porblems but at least you got the flights sorted. Enjoy the rest of Australia and I look forward to hearing more soon. Take care and have fun! Love Toya xxxxxxx

by Toya Carson

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