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♡ Halong Bay! ♡ (part 3)

Three days of MADNESS in on a boat... xx

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Halong Bay- Day One
Thursday 24th May 2012
Early start AGAIN, as we had to be up at 5:45am ready to eat breakfast and begin the 4 hour bus journey to the Halong Bay harbour... Bianca strolled back into our room at about 6am, having spent a lot of time on the balcony! But we managed to sober her up enough to pack her backpack and eat some breakfast... bacon roll! NOM NOM! x
At 6:30am, they read out the names of all those who had signed up for the trip, and when they struggled with mine I had to shout it out for them... "DE STE CROIX, Yes that's me!!"... all of a sudden I hear someone shout JERSEY!! and it turns out that two guys from home (who are friends with Amy DSC) are on my trip too! (along with one of their dads, which became VERY awkward- he was an old man on a booze cruise with 20 somethings and managed to annoy everyone and wet himself two nights in a row!!), None the less, Jordon and Ollie became my friends! (^_^) x
The tour guides then handed everyone a VERY fetching sombrero-inspired hat each, which I wore proudly, and which by the end of the trip, many people had either lost or personalised into something cool! I did well to keep mine until the end but then left it on the boat when we went back on day three! OOPS!
We started drinking early, by adding vodka to cans of fanta (classy) so that by the time we got to the harbour we were very muchup for a party! Luckily, one of the tour guides for the boats was Luke (different Luke) who had taken us on the snake village trip and so re-arranged the boats to have me and Bianca on his (AW!) because he thought we were fun, which meant that we were also on the same boat as the Geordies!! YAY! x
There was a lot of teasing and good banter with them throughout the night!

We then paddled back for dinner, showers and a bit of time to chill out on the top deck, getting to know each other more before the drinking games began!

Halong Dragon- Card Game
The first night's game was like 'Ring of Fire', where a full deck of cards are arranged in a dragon shape on the table, and you take it in turns to pick one each... different cards have different meanings/ rules attached to them, i.e. "Four is for Whores" (so all the girls drink), "Two is 'Fuck YOU!'" (so everyone on the other team drinks), and "Six is for Dicks" etc.
My favourites were "Ace = A+B" where, if you drew an Ace, the person beside you had to cover your eyes and point to two people within the team, the person who picked the card then had to say what A does to B, so there were people sucking nipples, and getting naked to run around the boat etc! Very amusing! There was also the "Sex Change" card, that meant you had to swap one item of clothing with a person of the opposite sex... Brendan chose me when he drew this one, so I lost my dress and had to spend the rest of my night in his Tank top... luckily he is tall so it JUST covered my bum! :-P
The game lasted most of the evening, and we finally made it to bed around 3am... which meant a nasty surprise at 6:30 when the Vietnamese crew banged on our doors for us to get up! Apparently they forgot to tell us that breakfast is at 7am and we all had to be up and packed by then so that we could change boats (as some people only paid for one night therefore, had to leave) This included the Geordie boys, so we said very brief 'Goodbyes' to them and very long 'Goodbyes' to Stone, and were greeted with a whole new boat for day two! x
This time the Jersey boys were with me, so we had a reunion... they were hard core and started drinking beer for breakfast at 7, but I couldnt stomach it that early!

Cat Ba Island- Day Two
Friday 25th May 2012
Once we had swapped boats and re-introduced ourselves to people, as well as swapping stories from the previous night (Two people on our boat lost their eyebrows thanks to Bianca, as well as several sections of underarm/chest/pubic hair!) and one guy on the other boat had to drink a shot of rum that was poured through another guys butt crack, as he squatted over his face!!! YUCK!!! We made our way to the island... a chance to chill and take in the scenery as it took a few hours to get there!

When we arrived we grabbed a matress in one of the huts... you'd be surprised how rustic they were! No walls, just literally wooden shacks with 6 matresses per 'room' and dirty old mosquito nets!! :-S
We then spent the day chilling out on the island, drinking and chatting, playing volly ball and going 'tubing'... this was a fun experience, which I did with three Canadian Guys... basically there was a circular float with handles that was attached to a bungie cord at the back of a speedboat... you lay on your front grasping the handles for dear life as the speedboat pulled you through the sea! SO MUCH FUN! But we did loose our bikini bottoms when we were flung off the float... so we were dared to keep them off, and tubed back to the island with our bums out... quite envigorating actually, but I think there were a lot of sore balls for the men! :-S
Lunch and Dinner on the island were SOOO good! the food was delicious and cured my hang over a treat! A lot of people slept through the day, but I spent it with the Canadian Boys (Brian, Dan and Bryce) wearing a samauri collar (fashioned from our hats) and laughing A LOT!
In addition to the Canadian's favourite game of "YEE HAA!", The evening's main drinking game was very simple... everyone had 4 cards, face down... the first they had to guess "red or black?" (right, they nominate 1 finger, wrong they drink)... the second was "Higher or Lower?", then "In between or Outside?" and finally "Which Suit?", with the number of fingers to drink increasing with each round!
Then when all the cards were turned over it was a dare round... Luke (tour guide) drew a card at random, and if one of your four cards was the same you had to all stand up and do a dare... at one point there were 4 guys with tissue tucked into their bums, and tied at the other end to each others which was then set on fire!! Bizarre! but funny!
As people got more and more drunk they started getting difficult to control, so the last 'dare' at around 2/3am was that everyone had to go skinny dipping in the sea to look at the phospherescence... it was defo an experience, but luckily it was PITCH black so no one could really see anything, but being in the sea water, naked and surrounded by the sillouhettes of mountains as the water lit up with glittery yellow/green light everytime you moved was A-MAY-ZING!! Felt really magical and one of the highlights of the whole trip! (^_^) x
Again, we didn't get much sleep after that... someone found blue paint and was painting everyones faces... we all danced on the table and Megan turned 23!! so we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and gave her bday kisses! (she was adorable) x
I finally crawled under my mosquito net at around 4am, and once again... we got woken up at 6!!! FML!

Day 3- Good Bye Vietnam!
Saturday 26th May 2012
After 4 hours of drunken sleep over 2 days, we were all feeling a little fragile in the morning but I was DELIGHTED to see that breakfast included warm rolls with proper NZ butter! Yum! We didnt have long to eat and Luke (true to form) was straight back on the drink by cracking open a morning beer with his teeth! so he did a poor job of shepherding everyone onto the boat for our trip back to Hanoi!
His increasingly drunk behaviour soon led to him getting naked and nearly into a fight with some guy for putting his cock on his shoulder! He then passed out along with his two mates and the revenge was as follows;
Last night consisted of lots more drinking, dancing and merriment... even a moustache dance which the Canadians taught us... where if your body dances, then your "moustache" must dance too... cue some very strange and funny faces!
Vietnam has been a real highlight of my trip... I loved meeting Bianca, and will defo have to venture back there one day to see all the places I missed, but I was also SUPER excited for more madness in Loas, and Vang Vieng DID NOT disappoint!

... xx

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