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What goes on tour, stays on tour! Sunday 27th May - Friday 1st June 2012

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After another wild "last night" where I once again dragged my drunken body into bed at 4am only to be startled by my alarm a mere 2 hours later, I managed to get myself downstairs for a bacon roll just before my taxi arrived! (Thankfully I had the forethought to pack my bag pre-drinkage) I then continued to dribble all over my shoulder and probably snore in front of the strangers who accompanied me to the airport as I fell asleep on the journey! I must take a moment to thank the nice taxi man who woke me up when we arrived and put my bag on my back so I could stumble blindly and half asleep into the check in queue! The flight process was relatively pain free (mostly because I slept the whole time) but when I arrived in a very hot and sunny Loas, I did have a mini drama with my visa...
Apparently the cost of a visa is US$35, and the woman told me that they ONLY accept USD... Which, being English, I obviously did not have! I was therefore escorted half a mile through the airport to a cash machine outside which only dispensed Kip (Loas' currency), the escort then had to find me an exchange place so I could change my kip back into USD and then when I returned to the visa counter, they messed up my paperwork and tried to charge me the rate of a family!!! Eventually though, it was sorted and, with my new found patience (which I sincerely hope follows me home) I said thank you and proceeded to get my bag (which was very depressively waiting alongside the conveyer belt for me) and into a taxi to the bus station. There, the taxi man spoke to his friend and managed to get me a ticket for a VERY bumpy 4 hour bus journey up to Vang Vieng!
I would like to tell you that I spent this time admiring the beautiful countryside of Loas, but alas, I slept...
It was during these hours though that I met Jenna and Angie, two lovely British ladies (although Jenna is practically Australian now) who I spent the rest of my trip sharing a room with! X

Vang Vieng
When we finally arrived in VV, it was late afternoon and the town was pretty deserted, we passed a lot of shops selling ray bans and tubing clothes and several bars on our search for a hostel called "Spicey's" which had been recommended to us, when we arrived and saw that Spicey's consisted of wooden bunk beds covered by a tarpaulin we swiftly left and found ourselves a nice guest house with walls, hot water and air conditioning (which even worked out to be CHEAPER!) x
Luckily for me, Jenna and Angie had arrived in Loas after a traumatic 7 hours in KL airport and so they weren't in the mood to party either! Instead, we went for a nice Thai curry at one of the restaurants in town, where we discovered that in VV, they show episodes of "Friends" on loop, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! (^_^) x
I decided that another one of my Valium tablets would be required to catch up on my sleep, which was a brilliant idea as I slept for 12 hours and awoke the next morning feeling fresh and ready to get on it!!

Day One
The girls and I got showered and dressed (I had to buy myself some clothes as I still hadn't had a chance to do my washing after Halong Bay and everything STANK!), went for breakfast and Friends and then headed up to the river where the tubing takes place at around 3pm... Unfortunately Angie had burnt her leg due to a rogue motor bike exhaust and so could not actually get in the river, but we had it on good source that it was possible to "pub crawl" and not actually have to get wet! HUZZAH! So we all got in a tuk tuk and arrived to let the madness commence...
The first bar we arrived at served mulberry mojitos which were DELICIOUS!
This is also where we found out that the bridge which connected the bars on either side of the river had yesterday collapsed (along with all those on it) into the brown murky water below and so a make-shift solution was to let a BOY (not a man) with a wooden raft, connected to a zip wire by rope, push the 'boat' across te current with a big stick! MARVELOUS!
As soon as we'd managed to get across the river, we instantly arrived at the first bar where you are given a shot of Tiger (Loas) Whiskey- a mixture of bananas and petrol, this lethal shot was handed out at each new bar along with a colourful bracelet once consumed! Most of the people who go tubing end up with a forearm full of them, this photo was mine at the end of my stay (which I think goes some way towards explaining how vile this really was) ;

Then it was on to the buckets! All drinks served in Loas are served in buckets, where the spirit is measured out in cups (not shots) and the mixer is accompanied by M-15 Red Bull (which contains amphetamines and is 5x stronger than normal red bull), needless to say, things get messy very quickly here and I blame the whiskey and red bill combo for my decision on day one of tubing to allow a man to spray paint red stars on my nipples, all the name of a free bucket!
The day continues with drinking, dancing and games of "dare jenga" (where each piece has a dare written on it) x

I also bumped into three of the guys I met on Fraser Island in Australia which was cool! We drank, chatted, made new friends and stayed as far away from the filthy water as possible! Until around 8pm when everyone makes their way back across the river in the death boat and into tuk tuks to get some food in town (usually street food which just makes you feel worse!)
On this occasion I went with Tom and two of his mates for a curry which stayed in my stomach for a grande total of 2 hours!
Then at 9:30 it's on to the conveniently named "Bucket Bar" for more drinking and dancing until the last man standing! It was here that I danced in the rain in my bikini, cracked out the chicken dance and managed to puke all over my feet whilst attempting to aim for the squatting toilets (a low point I shall try to forget)
So that concludes the "Tubing" experience, and that is what is repeated daily in VV! That is also the reason why, at 6am on day one, I looked like this and was officially known as "the girl with the boobs" (again... Not my proudest moment);

Day Two
We awoke the next morning to find that we were down one crew member and that Jenna had not slept in her bed! So Angie and I went for pizza breakfast, in an attempt to calm the official WORST hang over of my life! It was then that we realised that Friends was the best idea in the world and that Ross, Monica and co. are in fact the best hang over cure! By 4pm, Jenna was still MIA and Angie began to panic, I on the other hand, optomisitically (and rightly) concluded that she had met a guy and spent the night (and apparently subsequent day!) in bed with him!
Angie refused to leave the room until Jenna had re-surfaced, which meant that I headed up to the river solo for round 2! Not a problem though, as thanks to the previous days escapades (and my new nick name), there were plenty of people to hang out with!
True to form, I was offered a free bucket again today-thi s time if I agreed to let an Australian guy give me a lap dance, so, after some reassurance that he would NOT be removing his boxers, I agreed;
This was also the day that I met a LOVELY Swedish guy who had broken both his arms, and was still partying like a rockstar (sadly I cannot quite recall his name)

Day Three
With the crew re-assembled and with this being my official last day tubing, despite the awful feeling in my stomach and pounding head ache, we decided to hit it hard and went up to the river early (around 2pm) after another morning of Friends for breakfast! Jenna was in high spirits after her sex-a-thon, and another two of their friends (Rhianna and Laura) had arrived to join us!
This day we actually managed to make it to bars on both sides of the river! And the merriment continued well into the night at Bucket Bar! (I even learnt a new dirrty version of the drinking game "Timmy Timmy");
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