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♡ IN SEARCH OF IGUSSU ♡ (continued...)

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Brazillian side of Iguassu Falls
Up at 9am to pack our bags as we were getting the night bus to Salto in Uruguay that evening!
Set off at 11am to the falls again, and this time the view was more panoramic... you could see the different falls better and the scale of them more impressively!
The bridges also went over the rapids this time so we could get closer to the water! We saw a tarantula spider just chilling on the side of the path... big and hairy! and also a black and white lizard which was cool.
After seeing the falls we went by bus to the Bird Park, which was AWESOME, as the enclosures were really big and you could walk into them and actually be next to the birds! Had to watch out for the poo, but was great not to have to look through cages!
My favourite bird was the Toucans! They are really cool, their beaks are HUGE and sooooo colourful! and they do this funny hop when they move around, rather than walking one foot to the other, they just jump forward with both feet! SUPER CUTE!
We then went into the enclosures with the Macaw parrots... they were ace too! VERY NOISY though! x
large_54.jpgWe had to leave around 4pm to get to the bus station in Argentina, where we were catching the second night bus to Salto... this one was only 14 hours, and the bus company made a mistake which meant we got an upgrade to a bigger bus, with AMAZING seats! They were like leather armchairs and I didnt have to sit next to anyone, so I could spread out more! Was annoyed that they kept the lights on on this bus though, so didn't sleep as easily as with the other bus! Bree also gave me a pair of uber-sexy flesh coloured compression socks which was lovely of her and stopped the return of pork foot! PHEW! x
We were dropped off at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere at 5am, where taxis waited to take us across the boarder into Uruguay...

Salto- Friday 9th Feb 2012
Arrived at our hotel, VERY tired after not very much sleep at around 11am, checked into our rooms (I was sharing with Sharni again) and had a MUCH NEEDED shower... Had a quick briefing and then Juan informed us that there was nothing planned for the day apart from 'relaxing after our long journey'... the itinerary had stated the option of a visit to the 'hot springs', and so us girls were naturally excited about the prospect of a glorious natural pool in the mountainside somewhere, maybe with mud baths and massages... what we actually discovered was that in Uruguay, 'hot springs spa' actually translates into 'filthy gas chamber- looking scene from horror film'!!! There were various contraptions mascaraing as 'showers' which were all filled with BOILING hot water and there was ONE fat old woman who was the 'masseuse' and 9 of us!!! Needless to say, we didn't stay long... although Rachel, Rosie, Bree and Hannah, armed with all their patience, did wait the 40 mins each that it took for this woman to get to each of them!
Meanwhile, Sharni, Allison, George and I went for a wonder around the town and to grab some lunch... The only way I can think to describe the town was what I would imagine hick-American south to be... just random buildings off of a massive highway, strange people who walk around outside dressed only in towelled gowns and slippers, lots of convenience stores which sold 2 litre water bottles of red wine for 5 pesos and LOADS of hotels... that was the weirdest thing, every other building was a hotel, but I cant imagine who would choose this place as a holiday destination!!?? VERY odd!
Lunch wasn't much better!
Back at the hotel I read some more of my book and had a nap in the afternoon... dinner MORE THAN made up for the weird day when Juan took us to an all-you-can-eat buffet (including dessert!!), where I also had a glass of wine and tried 'sweat breads' which were actually VERY yummy! Here, Hannah and I also co-founded the pudding club, whose first rule was 'fruit is NOT dessert' and stuffed our faces with cake, meringue, pastry and LOTS of dolce de leche caramel! MMMMM!!! xx
Sunset was also pretty fly!
and then once we were ready to check in, we had to get ready fairly quickly as it was Jess' 19th Birthday and we were organising a surprise party for her! Nice opportunity for us to dress up and put some make up on!! We also used Sophie's hair straighteners so my hair wasn't fluffy for the first time in weeks! x SOOO nice to look 'normal' again!
Juan decorated his hotel room with colourful balloons and streamers and we all met there to surprise Jess with a card and a toast before dinner... the drink tasted kinda like cider, but came in a champagne shaped bottle!? hmmm!?
Dinner was DELICIOUS... the restaurant was a bit fancier than normal, and I had a chicken kebab with sweet potato and a peach/pineapple sauce... mmmm! After dinner the hotel brought out a cake with candles- chocolate sponge with a chocolate moose! NOM NOM!
Once dinner was over, we walked to a bar and some of the girls stayed out drinking until 2am! But I was SOOO tired and so went home at midnight.. SQUARE! x
Picked up quite a lot of colour though... although I do have a Havaiana mark on my feet now! BOO!
That evening, Bree and I stayed in and dyed our hair... mine was looking very straw like and starting to fade to a pretty manky orange colour with the sunlight, so went brave and chose a chocolatey brown which has turned out REALLY nicely! SO shiny! The conditioner smelt like jelly babies as well! x
HILARIOUS moment when I tried to explain when a bidet was to Bree, not realising the water shot up in the air and not forward out the back... arse water ALL over my face!! She couldn't stop laughing!
Another lie in before our 2 hour bus journey to Colonia....

Colonia- Monday 12th Feb 2012
Nice bus journey, where I listened to my ipod and watched the sunshine out the window!
Arrived around 3pm and got a taxi to the hotel... Pasada de la fleur... really gorgeous little villa where the rooms were named after different flowers and all the doors had shutters like a little Italian cottage! I shared a 5-bed room which had a balcony with Allison, Rachel, Bree and Jen.
After we'd dropped our bags off Juan took Bree, Hannah, Jess, Jen and I on a city tour with GOLF BUGGIES!!! I even got to drive the yellow racing buggy, which was sooo fun! Saw the ruins of the old Bull Fighting arena, the race course, beach (with brown lake as the sea), lighthouse, port and then stopped for some AMAZING ice cream, Chocolate Suizo with Dolce de Leche!! MMM! x
That evening we all went out for dinner together, chicken stir fry and LOTS of wine, with these local shots that tasted like honey!
Rachel was VERY drunk and a nightmare to get into bed, I cracked out the chicken dance and Bree taught us the 'stab and slash' dance! There were also funny signs on the toilet doors to indicate 'mens' and 'womens'...

Early start with a HEADACHE of doom! But only a 1 hour ferry ride to Buenos Aires... which I slept through!

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